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Thank you for your interest.  


Due to our beautiful yet 

remote location in the Sequoia 

National Forest (16 miles up 

the mountain from Springville-about a 40 minute drive), 

we ask all applicants to visit us,

meet some team members, 

and apply in person.

Pierpoint Enterprises, LLC is an

Equal Opportunity Employer.

General Store Clerk


Job Summary

We are looking for a store clerk to sell our goods, interact with customers, manage the inventory in the store, keep the store looking fresh and organized, provide travel advice to tourists, and keep the owners informed of inventory needs, problems and issues.


Responsibilities & Skills​​

  • Be positive and professional

  • Interact with customers in a friendly way so they want to return

  • Have strong organizational and multitasking skills

  • Restock the shelves as needed when the store is not busy

  • Be aware of customers and potential for theft; do not leave the store unattended when customers are present

  • Check customer’s IDs to ensure minimum age requirements for purchase of alcoholic beverages and tobacco

  • Keep an itemized list of items that need to be replaced, reordered or repaired

  • Use good judgment to report issues or concerns to the owners and/or manager

  • Be proactive; look for things that need to be done, and take care of them

  • Keep the inventory and shelves clear of dust; do routine cleaning

  • Use the POS system to scan items, and charge the customer

  • Technology savvy is a must 

  • Input new items into the POS

  • Correct items that do not scan so that they do scan in the future

  • Look up items that do not scan so that you can charge the customer

  • Communicate with the owners and/or manager as needed

  • Be willing to learn a different system or way of doing things when necessary

  • Help out in the restaurant when necessary

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